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  • You can send a text file as part of an e-mail. This is the most reli­able method.
  • You can attach a file to the e-mail.
  • Many online sites like will also let you share large files with oth­ers for down­load free (search
  • You can send a data CD or DVD, or even a USB stick.
  • Thor May can fetch files from your Inter­net site by ftp (file trans­fer pro­to­col) if you give him a pass­word.


Doc­u­ment for­mats


Best: Microsoft Word file for­mats are the most widely used, espe­cially the *.doc and docx. for­mats. *.htm or *.html files are also fine..

  • If you are using a recent edi­tion of MS Word, try to remove any macros before you save. (I have found that macros some­times cre­ate prob­lems).
  • If you are using a non-inter­na­tional sys­tem, such as the Korean sys­tem *.hwp, please save your doc­u­ment in *.doc, docx*. odt*, rtf, *.htm or *.txt before send­ing it.
  • If you are using *.txt with non-latin char­ac­ters (e.g. Korean hangul, Chi­nese char­ac­ters, Ara­bic, Farsi etc.) remem­ber to change the encod­ing to UTF8.
  • Do not send *. pdf for­mat files. This for­mat is not designed to be edited. *.pdf files are designed for fin­ished print­ing or view­ing. If nec­es­sary, I do have a way to extract from most pdf files (if they are not images), but for­mat­ting may be lost.
  • Other for­mats: I can con­vert most doc­u­ment for­mats if nec­es­sary. Let me know of your needs.


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